Kilts?! Yes, Kilts

In honor of Kirstin’s Irish-Scottish heritage, some of the men at the wedding will be wearing kilts. Will the groom be one of them? Just wait and see (hint, he won’t). So if you have a kilt or just looking for an excuse to go out and get one, feel free to wear it.

For demonstration purposes only.
For demonstration purposes only.

RSVP for Bus, Baseball Game

We will be providing a shuttle bus back and forth from the hotels to the wedding venue, but we need to get a count of how many of you will be taking it.

Similarly, we need to know how many tickets to purchase for Sunday afternoon’s Nationals-Phillies game at Nationals Park (anyone can just throw a day after brunch!). We will be taking the Metro down. If you have a car you are of course free to drive, but be advised parking costs up to $35.

On the left sidebar is an RSVP box (or at the bottom of you are on a tablet or phone). Please click on April 18 and in the “additional message” section just tell us if you will be taking the bus and going to the game.

Or you can RSVP by leaving it as a comment at the bottom of this post.

Please respond by March 15.

Engagement Gifts

Even though we requested no engagement gifts, a lot of you are still asking if you could buy us something. Well, if you insist, feel free to go ahead and contribute to a cause near and dear to our hearts — the Liberty Humane Society.

This Jersey City animal shelter is where Kirstin volunteered after it was left with no power after Superstorm Sandy. It is where she found and adopted one of our cats, George (he’s on the left with his big sister, Lei):


The shelter is always in desperate need of funds. Click on the link below if you’d like to help out.