RSVP for Bus, Baseball Game

We will be providing a shuttle bus back and forth from the hotels to the wedding venue, but we need to get a count of how many of you will be taking it.

Similarly, we need to know how many tickets to purchase for Sunday afternoon’s Nationals-Phillies game at Nationals Park (anyone can just throw a day after brunch!). We will be taking the Metro down. If you have a car you are of course free to drive, but be advised parking costs up to $35.

On the left sidebar is an RSVP box (or at the bottom of you are on a tablet or phone). Please click on April 18 and in the “additional message” section just tell us if you will be taking the bus and going to the game.

Or you can RSVP by leaving it as a comment at the bottom of this post.

Please respond by March 15.

12 thoughts on “RSVP for Bus, Baseball Game”

  1. 1. Love the web address.
    2. We are in for the ballgame (Todd, Lynn, Sean, Meaghan). What a great idea!
    3. Don’t need to ride the bus, we can get to Nats park pretty easily on our own.

  2. Linda Mullins & Harry Siedentopf would like to attend the game, but will not need the shuttle.

    We would also like to use the shuttle to and from the wedding venue.

    All neat ideas which sound like fun! Looking forward to everything!

    Love, Aunt Linda

  3. Ray will use the shuttle to the wedding and both of us will attend the game. We are looking forward to the festivities!

  4. Wow! Two American pastimes in one weekend: baseball and marriage. Yes to the game and shuttles please!! See you all real soon!

  5. I plan on attending the wedding. Can’t wait! I won’t need the shuttle and unfortunately, I’m not able to attend the game.


  6. Matt & I are IN for the Baseball game!! Sorry we are late .. btu we would love to take the shuttle & go to the game! Thank you!!!!!

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